Santorini Island Travel Guide

Santorini is a small circular group of volcanic islands that are situated in the Aegean Sea; it is south east from the mainland of Greece is the top destination of travel in Greece. This island is known by the largest island locate in the Archipelago, Thera. Thera is very famous for a massive volcanic eruption that decimated settlements and created a caldera. The island of Santorini has a population of approximately 13,700 people. The island is beautiful from the outside and more beautiful from the inside. The nightlife makes the island one of Europe’s major hotspots. 

There is a massive lagoon that sits in the middle if high cliffs on 3 or the 4 sides. The island slopes down from the cliffs and into the surrounding sea. On the other side of the lagoon there is a smaller island named Therasia, it also has cliffs that slope down as well. The lagoon meets the sea in the northwest and in the southwest. The water in this lagoon is about 1,300 feet deep. With a depth like that it is considered a safe harbour for ships even big ships to pass through. The towns of Santorini are located at the top of the cliff and look down of the lagoon. 

Santorini was an active volcano that is located in the South Aegean Volcanic Arc. The remains today is mostly filled with water. The name Santorini was give to the island by the Latin Empire in and around the 13th century. It is a reference nod to Saint Irene. Santorini was formerly known as Kalliste, Strongyle and more commonly Thera. At one time the volcano on the island erupted causing the largest volcanic eruption of the last thousand years. That happened about 3,500 years ago. 

Santorini has a small very quickly rising wine industry. The wine is based on different grape variety called Asyrtiko. These types of vines are old and are very resistant to Phylloxero. The vines are adapted to the habitat and the climate so that the source of moisture is dew. They produce a nice quantity for the islands. Seeing the wine being made, is just one thing you can do while vacation here in Santorini. There are ports, beaches, ruins and the volcano. There are many ways to get around this not so big island. There are ferries from the mainland to the island. There are connections from Heraklion in the city of Crete during the high season which is about April and October. There are cruises that set sail al the time, go travel through the islands and you get to see another side of the island. 

There are buses and taxis and some rental cars allowed. The island is not big so that you can’t get anywhere. It tales about 50 minutes to get to one side of the island from end to end. You can also rent mopeds and scooters to help get around from place to place.


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