Samos Island

Samos Island is a Greek Island located in the Eastern Aegean Sea. It is between the island of Chios and the complex of the Dodecanese. The island of Samos is about 468 square kilometers and it is about 43 kilometers long and 13 kilometers wide. It is one of the main islands as well as the most fertile islands in the Aegean Sea. With the islands of Icaria and Fourni, Samos Island is actually part of what they call the Samos Prefecture. The capital of the Prefecture is called Vathy or more commonly called Samos. The islands main port is Samos and other ports are the Karlovasi and the Pythagoreio. Towns on the prefecture include Kokkari, Manolates, Khora and Pagondas. The closest airport is the Samos Airport and Vathi is the main passenger port. 

The Climate like much of Greece is the same as the Mediterranean, very warm and sometimes a heat wave occurs but from April to October is almost like perfect weather. It rains from time to time and more often rains in the winter months. The economy of Samos depends on the tourist community. Samos does not hurt for tourist since the early 80’s Samos has been an up and coming vacation and honeymoon spot. Their main agricultural products include grapes, honey, olives, olive oil figs, citrus fruits and almonds. The grapes are used mainly for Muscat wine. 

On Samos Island you can go bike riding and get a feel for the island and take in the sights, you can spend you vacation relaxing on the beaches and enjoying the great weather. You could go shopping at many of the great shopping stores. You could rent a car and tour the islands at your leisure. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from here in Samos. The nightlife is terrific, unlike any place you have ever been. 

Whether you are planning your vacation to spend all of your time there on Samos ore maybe you will be visiting for the day. The island has some of the greatest hotels out there. There is the Hotel Sunrise Beach, Hotel Lemos, Long Beach Hotel, Arion Hotel, Marista Bay Hotel and Villa Karnbos. These hotels have great accommodations, the rooms have great views and the staff will treat you like you are on a vacation. 

No matter where you stay, you must see the ruins of the Hera Temple, a great place to see is the Village of Pythagorean, this was once an ancient village and it has some great history. It is the third largest city and a small archeological museum. There are so many things to see and do here in Samos; it would be a shame to miss it.


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