Rhodes Island

Rhodos or Rhodes is situated east of the major islands in Greece Travel. The island of Rhodes is actually in the Aegean Sea. It is about 18 kilometers west of Turkey and sits between the Greece Mainland and the island of Cyprus. Rhodes is heavily populated for an island there are over 125,000 people living there right now and about 60,000 of them are permanent residents. Rhodes as it more commonly called is the capital of the District of the Dodecanese and the Province of Rhodes which also includes the other islands of Symi, Tilos, Chalki and Kastellorizo. Historically Rhodes was then known for the Colossus of Rhodes which was one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Rhodes is a great vacation spot and there is so much to do, there is the Rhodian Carnival at Medieval Town and the Koulouma Rhodian Carnival Feast. There are festivals, museum exhibits, galleries, theatre shows like Sound and Light. It is a theatre show without actors only lights and sounds, it is said to be very good.

There are so many luxurious hotel sin the area that it would hard to choose which one to stay at. There is the Alexia Hotel, the ALS Hotel, the Venus Hotel, Elite Hotel and the Blue Sky Beach Hotel. There are too many to list but any hotel you choose to stay at in Rhodes will treat you like royalty and make sure that you have the best time visiting their city.

There is a chapel in the Lindos Mare Hotel if you are looking for your picture perfect wedding with a perfect honeymoon to match. Maybe you are looking for a dinner reception in one of the local restaurants. Rhodos has 4 of the best, in the Old Town of Rhodes there is the Ippotikon, this is a seasonal restaurant and is only open from April to October, and this is a medieval restaurant that gives you the feeling of being back in days of Saint John’s Knights. Maybe you are looking for something a bit more cozy and traditional, try Romeo Garden; they have a great menu of seafood.

If you aren’t into sea food then visit the Rustico Restaurant, this eatery is located in the middle of Old Town right in between noble houses and is one of the better taverns. This last restaurant is located in Rhodes; this restaurant like the others is only open in April through October. Nikos Fish Tavern has seafood dishes as well as starters and salads with many Greek Specialties. The hotels have restaurants inside them as well incase your taste is food is a little less gourmet.

Whether you are sitting on the beach or shopping or even sight seeing, you will thoroughly enjoy the island of Rhodes, there is just so much history here that you can not help but fall in love with the city. If you visit Greece you must visit Rhodes you will not regret it.


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