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Greece or the Hellenic Republic is country located in southeastern Europe. It is on the southern end of the Blanka Peninsula. Greece borders Bulgaria, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Albania all in the north. It borders Turkey in the east and the Aegean Sea is located east and south of the mainland of Greece. The Ionian Sea is located in the west and both seas are a part of the Mediterranean basin, where there are many islands that inhabited and are great tourist locations. 

Greece sits at the juncture of Africa, Asia and Europe. The country has so much history. They survives four years under the Ottoman Empire and before that the Byzantine Empire. Greece is said to be the birthplace of democracy. Greece over history has had it all from the very first Olympic Games, to Western Lit, political science and drama theatre. With the rich history that Greece has to offer some influences may have worn off along the way. Places like Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East have adapted many Greece’s way. 

In 1981, they became a member of the European Union and a member of the Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union since 2001. The country of Greece has over 91 cities. Athens, Thessaloniki, Piraeus and Patra are the countries major cities with the most populations. Greece is in the top 5 countries for tourism. Greece’s history and beautiful beaches is a huge draw for vacationers. 

The Greek culture has grown over thousands of years, beginning with the Mycenaean and the Minoan Civilizations. This at some point turned into what was called Classical Greece where the Hellenistic period arose from. It is said that the point in time came in through other influences such as the Roman Empire and the Greek Eastern who took over from the Byzantine Empire. The Ottoman Empire ruled Greece for 400 years ad like it or not they had a great input into the Greek Culture. Ancient Greece was known as the cradle of the Western Civilization. 

The major language is Greek but many are English speaking. It has been researched and it was discovered that the Greek language is over 3,500 years old. Today in 2007, it is estimated that over 15 million people from these countries speak Greek, they may not be a primary language but they still speak it. Greece, Cyprus, Albania, Bulgaria, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Italy, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldavia, Romania, Egypt and other emigrant sections around the world. 

The Greek Alphabet was the first alphabet to introduce vowels. The Greek alphabet has been around since the 9th century and some say the 4th century. Greek literature has survived for almost 3,000 years. Greek Mythology are great stories about the old days in Ancient Greece have been taught in schools all over the world. Mythology is interesting and you never know if is true that is what makes it fun.

Best Time to Visit

April to October is the best time to enjoy the mainland and Greek Islands

Annual Weather

Greece has typical Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and rainy and chilly winters


Major means of transportation amongst the islands is regular or high speed ferries as well as domestic flights in long distances such as Athens to Crete or Rhodes

Know Before Visiting


Most of the touristic areas English is widely spoken


European electrical plugs


Official currency is Euros but in some touristic areas USD is accepted as well

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